how did gb get here – an about me

When I was 18 years old, I received my first substantial sum of money, a savings account that had been kept for me since I was a baby. A grand total of 3000 gbp! The entire world was at my just-able-to-drink fingertips.

My first thought and only thought of what I wanted to do with the money was, of course,


And this was before I discovered Eat, Pray, Love.

I still have never been to Indonesia, my wild spirit was restrained and I ended up going to university for the following years and in retrospect my parents were right, it is good to have a degree (even if it is in knitting).

6 years later and I am dreaming of Bali once again – post Eat, Pray, Love discovery – and starting a blog about it!  The only difference is now my bucket list of “places to be explored” has expanded enormously.

I recently qualified in teaching English as a Foreign Language and started teaching online (I will do a blogpost) so that enables me to fund my dreams of travel.